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Build the ‘Scotland School’ Help the re-construction of Kobane

UPDATE (July 2020)

We have received generous donations and organised some well-attended fundraisers, but do not have enough for a whole school. Currently the money is safe in a bank account, but benefiting nobody, so we are  going to suggest that it be used to pay for a school library or some other distinct part of a school that can celebrate the Scottish link. We will post more news when we have it.

“We don`t have a school. ISIS destroyed our school. We want you to build a new school for us.”

When the city of Kobane in Western Kurdistan/Rojava in Syria was attacked by Daesh/ISIS in November 2014 the world expected it to fall very quickly. The advance of Daesh across Iraq and Syria had been unstoppable. However the people of Kobane decided to resist to defend their city, their houses, schools and hospitals, their home.

In February the siege of the city was lifted after a heroic battle where the Kurdish People’s Defence Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defence Units (YPJ), supported by US air strikes, were able to defeat Daesh. This was the beginning of turning the tide against Daesh and since then the Kurdish YPG and YPJ, with their allies have pushed Daesh out of towns and villages across northern Syria.

The people of Kobane paid a high price for their victory. Many people died, and continue to die, in the battle against Daesh. The houses, schools and hospitals they fought to defend were mostly destroyed in the battle. Life in Kobane cannot return to normal until the final battle against Daesh is won.

The battle includes the reconstruction of Kobane and the creation of democratic, secular and gender equal organisations to run the city.

The people of Kobane have appealed for international support to help them re-build their city. When Scottish solidarity with Kurdistan met with representatives of the Kobane Legislative Council we asked what we could do to help. Fawza Abdi spoke to us as a female leader and teacher and asked that we raise funds to build a school for the children. She said,

 “We will call it the Scotland School so that future generations of children will know of the solidarity of the people of Scotland.”

“It’s not possible to be without school. That doesn’t work. There should be a school for us. ISIS destroyed our school. We feel bored at home. We want to go to school to study: to become a doctor. I am ill with diabetes. We want a school surrounded by walls and a roof so whether it rains or not we can study there. We will go to school without feeling the rain and coldness.”

We are appealing therefore to the people of Scotland to help us raise enough money to build the Scotland School in Kobane. We are asking every teacher to contribute. Every school. Every parent who knows how important education is to a child’s future. We ask every trade union, church and civic organisation to help us to help the young people of Kobane.

Help us build the Scotland School

Please send donations to Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, c/o UNISON South Lanarkshire, 21 Beckford Street, Hamilton, ML3 0BT. Please write ‘Scotland School’ on the back of any cheques.

Online donations to Account Number: 20017029 Sort Code: 82 70 03

“Long live the brotherhood between Kobane and Scotland! Long live brotherhood between peoples!”