Edinburgh shows solidarity with the people of Northern Syria

Yesterday, Edinburgh’s Kurdish community and friends held a third emergency protest against the genocidal Turkish invasion, and there is a further protest planned for Sunday (12 noon at the Mound, outside the National Gallery). Many passers by stopped to listen and to share their support. The Kurds and their neighbours are resisting a brutal onslaught from the second biggest army in NATO, which is working hand in glove with murderous gangs of former ISIS and Al Qaeda extremists. All their patient work to create a more just and cohesive society is under threat, as is their very existence. Turkey announced its plans for ethnic cleansing in NATO, but, as yet, the ‘international community’ has done nothing to stop them. Northern Syria is the front line of the fight against fascism and for a better world. We know what happened when the world failed to take on the fascist forces in Spain eighty years ago. We don’t want to see a repeat of history.

We call for a no-fly zone, for real sanctions on the Turkish economy, and for everyone who cares about the future of humanity to boycott Turkey.

Join us on the demo on Sunday, call demos where you live, write to your MP, write letters to the papers to help spread solidarity and action.

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