Protest Saturday

As the SDF announce an understanding with Russia, Saturday seems a long time ago. We are still trying to digest what is happening, but here, for the record, is an image from our Glasgow demo, which was attended by over 300 people. It was one of at least ten demos round the UK, and many many more across the world. Speakers included Sarah, Roza and Honar from SSK, Ako, Adnan, Media and Sheelan from the Kurdish community, David Moxham for the STUC, Chris Stephens MP, Councillor Graham Campbell, Maggie Cook from Unison, and SPSC’s Mick Napier. Many of the people who came have family in Rojava, (including Honar and Media) and it was an emotional afternoon, complete with Kurdish musicians. (We’ve already shared many images on Facebook.)

Roza spoke about the situation on Radio Scotland in the morning, and she and Media were interviewed briefly by Scottish BBC news.

At the same time the Scottish Greens passed an emergency motion at their conference that included, along with the more usual demands, a call for the ‘Scottish Government to immediately cease the provision of public funds and other support to companies who manufacture and sell arms to Turkey’.

Scottish Young Greens

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