A poem for Rojava

The Kurdish Question – a poem for Rojava


Why do I ache for Kurdistan?

Say, why should this English Scot care?

Why stir my heart, my atheist soul?

It’s miles to here from out there

Why does my hard and rational mind

agree with my heart this is right?

Why can humanity seek and find

new hope through this brave Kurdish fight?


How is it Kurdishness is a ‘crime’?

And, must different cultures agree?

How have they struggled one hundred years

to salvage the right just to be?

How has this age that worships greed

now come to the edge of abyss?

How has the power of human mind

not tended us better than this?


Why must we go so far afield

seek Mesopotamia’s cue?

Why must we look midst clouds of war

to find where the sun’s shining through?

Why have a people who’ve lost so much

still yet got a mountain to give?

Why when their land and life’s at stake,

they show us a new way to live?


How will they face imperial powers:

the modern four horsemen of death?

How can we move this callous world,

whose ‘leaders’ fine words are bad breath?

How does each set-back just strengthen resolve?

Can ‘resistance as life’ set you free?

How dearest friends, can I hope to return,

One tenth of the strength you give me?


Sarah Glynn, Dundee


I took the photograph when I visited Kobane in May 2018. This little boy lived in the ruins from the ISIS attack of 2014. Where is he now?

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