At the Kurdish Solidarity demo outside the Turkish Embassy in London

Around 100 demonstrators gathered at the Turkish Embassy in central London today in a hastily organised emergency demonstration to protest against Turkey’s threatened invasion of Rojava.  The vocal crowd of mainly Kurdish activists stood on the opposite side of the road to the Embassy waving flags and chanting slogans against the Turkish state’s suppression of the Kurds, and listened to solidarity speeches.  A prominent banner declared ‘Stop Turkey – Defend Kurds – #RiseUp4Rojava‘.

The Turkish Embassy itself was fronted by British armed police holding guns, with a van of other police parked prominently nearby: a slightly unnerving experience for the small group of British-based protestors.

A group had made their way from Wales, where they had been active in solidarity with the Welsh Kurdish hunger striker, Imam Sis.

Mike Picken from Paisley gave a short speech expressing support from the committee of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, highlighting the demonstration in Dundee on Saturday to great cheers ,and SSK’s ongoing work with parliamentarians in the Scottish Parliament, organising solidarity meetings and demonstrations across Scotland, and working to win the trade union movement to Kurdistan solidarity.

Protestors were not put off by the armed police or the sudden rain showers, and agreed that more actions were needed to focus the world’s attention on Turkey’s imminent military threat to the Rojava revolution, to the people of Northern Syria, and to peace and stability in the Middle East.

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