A poem for the hunger strikers

As we wait to hear the report from his lawyers’ second visit to Ocalan, I thought I would share this poem. Whatever happens, we need to build on the momentum that the hunger strikers have generated.

To the hunger strikers


When it ends, as end it must

I hope – believe – believe and trust

That everyone whose hearts you’ve moved

Can hear the message that you’ve proved:

That all who’d better worlds create

Must stand against the fascist state,

And knowing you can do no more

Take up the banner that you bore

For Jin Jiyan and Azade

For freedom for humanity.


And when it ends, as end it will

I hope my friends are living still.

My friends we need you even more

To build the world you’re dying for!


Sarah Glynn, Dundee

Also on this album, made by our amazing comrades in Wales.


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