Scotland says, ‘Freedom for Öcalan is Freedom for Us All’

These photographs were taken last week in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. They include an MP (SNP), a former MSP (Labour), a city councillor and many trade unionists – and a whole lot of other people from all backgrounds who want to show their support.

The 15th of February was the 20th anniversary of Abdullah Öcalan’s abduction by the CIA and imprisonment in a Turkish jail. Öcalan’s ideas are central to the feminist, secular, grassroots democracy being developed in the autonomous Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, and his involvement is key to peace in Turkey and the wider area. His significance to the Kurdish struggle is demonstrated by the over 300 Kurds currently on indefinite hunger strike to demand that Turkey complies with basic human rights and allows him visits by his family and his lawyer. You can read more about Öcalan and his importance here.

“Öcalan is a prisoner who is becoming mythical, as Mandela in the twentieth century, so he in the twenty-first. He expresses a series of concepts that in the 21st century are increasingly becoming the building blocks for the political construction of a new world.” Antonio Negri


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