Support Ramin Hossein Panachi

Members of Edinburgh Kurdish community gathered outside the Scottish Parliament on Monday to call on Iran to lift the planned execution of Ramin Hossein Panachi. Emergency protests have been taking place across the world.

Amnesty International notes that,

Ramin Hossein Panahi’s case has been a breathtaking miscarriage of justice from start to finish. After appearing at his trial reportedly bearing torture marks on his body he was convicted in less than an hour. During the investigation period he was denied access to both his lawyer and his family, as well as to any details of the evidence against him. In a complete mockery of the judicial process, intelligence officials also repeatedly pressured him to make a televised ‘confession’ in exchange for the quashing of his death sentence. His refusal to submit to this pressure has seen him languishing in solitary confinement…

[He] was sentenced to death in January 2018 for “taking up arms against the state” (baqi). His conviction was based upon his membership of the armed Kurdish opposition group Komala, but no evidence linking him to activities involving intentional killing – the required threshold under international law for imposing the death penalty – was presented at his trial.

Chris Stephens MP has also written to Foreign Minister Boris Johnson to ask the British government to intervene:

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