An emergency motion at STUC

Scotland’s trade unions have condemned Turkey’s invasion of Afrin. At the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) annual conference held in Aviemore 16-18 April they agreed an Emergency Motion which called on the UK government to urge Turkey to withdraw from Syria and to stop selling arms to Turkey.

In moving the motion Stephen Smellie of public sector union UNISON said,

“There has been worse than silence from the UK government. They have made statements about Turkey’s right to deal with terrorism. It is Turkey who are the terrorists!”

The full Emergency Motion is below and the report on the UNISON Scotland website is here.

You can find a summary of previous STUC and TUC resolutions and motions on the Kurds here: Trade union policy on the Kurds.

Emergency Motion

Turkey’s invasion of Afrin

That this Congress condemns the invasion of Afrin, in Syria, by Turkey and assorted militias that include former Al-Qaida and ISIS fighters. Another invading army does nothing to help the people of Syria and end the conflict.

Congress is further concerned at threats by Turkish President Erdogan to extend Turkey’s military campaign eastwards into the rest of the Kurdish region of Syria, Rojava.

Congress calls on the UK government to

  • raise with Turkey the need to withdraw from Syria and;
  • cease arms sales to Turkey whilst they continue to attack Kurdish communities in Syria.

Submitted by UNISON

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