We hope that this website can serve as an archive of what we have done as a group, so our first posts will provide a scrapbook of past years.

Back in 2014 SSK was not yet formally constituted, but activities were organised under the banner of the Kurdish Human Rights and Cultural Group in Scotland. On 30 October the group joined with Strathclyde Students Association to hold a demonstration to ‘Stand up for humanity and an end to the brutality of Islamic State’, in support of the Kurdish people in North Iraq. This was when ISIS was attacking the Yazidis, and the event post explained:

Tens of thousands of innocent Kurdish Yazidis have fled to mountains. Over 3000 innocent civilians have been massacred,  the majority of them women and Children. Thousands of innocent children have died from Hunger. Women and young girls have been sold as sex slaves. Most of the Yazidi and Christian civilians are forced to convert to Islam. Hundreds of thousands of children are in danger and in need of humanitarian protection now. 

Speakers at the demonstration, which was held in George Square, included Bob Doris MSP and David Moxham of the STUC. You can read a report of the demonstration here.

Roza Salih
David Moxham addressing the rally

The siege of Kobane brought activists onto the streets to show solidarity with the besieged Kurds and to try and wake up the world – and the BBC – to what was happening.

On 11 October, protestors rallied in Glasgow’s George Square and marched to BBC Scotland on Pacific Quay.

And the next day some were back in the square to join in with the big YES rally.

The following week, on 18 October, a Save Kobane march went from Glasgow Green to George Square.

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